Atlantia’s Pillars of Magic

Each of the Characters feels called in some way to help save the world, they first must prove their metal and find the plot of an evil god to destroy the world. Even the Gods are not sure how the God of Destruction will strike. The Characters join an Airshipping Guild to travel, feeling a subconscious call to action and delve into ancient secrets of the Great Mageans, who once ruled the lands as a single empire. How did the Mageans fall and how can this fate be avoided? What is the Gods greatest secret? As the Heroes seek their own Legend and right that which has gone wrong in the world’s Foundation, they fight Necromancers, Wild Mages, End of the World Cults, or even the many misunderstandings of the many societies in the world. Discovery awaits, are the Heroes up to the challenge of Legend.

Atlantia: Pillars of Magic