The Phoenix Guild

The Phoenix Guild was founded a long time ago, too long to be remembered exactly when, but it is several hundred years old. It was founded with the soul purpose of bringing back famed adventures and explorers and finding out what has happened to them. In essence, it was an awakening to information. From before the Great Mage Wars the Guild was a secret guild known only to the few that know of their services. They have dedicating themselves to preventing world catastrophes and end-of-the-world types of magic. The Great Arcanos is said to have been one of it’s prominent members. In the past, they have tasked themselves with cleaning up said dangerous artifacts from the world and keeping them out of the hands of those that would use them. The Phoenix Guild has recently, in the last 25 years, come out of the shadows and defined themselves as a proper guild of adventurers, whose patron god is T’chiana, the goddess of fate and time. Membership in the Guild represents an ability to go on to glory and honor. The main service that they have become known for is retrieval of hapless adventurers that lose their lives in the quest for glory and exploration. For an upfront fee and some services the Guild will send a team to 1. Find out why you died, 2. Retrieve your body, and if possible 3. Resurrect you. Items found around your death-site are property of the Guild. Their services are a bit more complex than this as the guild does also supply and sponsor exploration parties, new trade routes, and so forth. It is rumored that those that commission their services are not aloud to make known the actual contract to anybody but their own legal concur and that being a part of a retrieval team at least once is always a part of the price. In recent times, they are mostly known as a trading and diplomatic guild, as they are one of the first independent, non-military, guild to gain Airships and begin trading and establishing new, lessor markets for goods.

The Guild has come under fire for being a fraudulent supplier of an impossible service.
In most cases they have vindicated themselves with honor. Many kingdoms also note that before establishing a port or office they inquire as to the local tax laws and any other laws that would apply to them and pay their fair share of taxes promptly and give over freely any non-magical or moderately magical historical artifacts that are important to their host kingdoms. This has earned them a positive mark in the books and hearts of most kingdoms. They also have a reputation of leaving a host kingdom if requested, taking their trade and services with them with out complaint. They often get asked back when the kingdom understands the loss that is incurred with them gone.

They have become a force of benign good in the world.

Recently the Guild has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Phoenix Guild

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